What Makes Us Unique? 

Train:  We offer kickboxing, grappling, and MMA classes for beginners as well as experienced fighters; weightlifting and conditioning sessions that accommodate any fitness level; and Kali, a Filipino tribal art known for its brutal efficacy.

Fight:  We encourage everyone to push themselves at an appropriate level, which could mean simply taking yourself out of your comfort zone by trying a new class, or working for a physique goal. 

Want to compete?  We will take you there.  At TFW, we provide all the skill-building, conditioning, nutrition, and sparring necessary to step into the cage, the ring, or on the mat.  We will not make you spend any time or money with outside training; everything is done in-house!

Win:  There are so many ways to win at Train.Fight.Win.  Here are a few:

Price:  We keep our prices low because we love what we do, and we want to share it with you!  We do not use contracts or sign-up fees.

Time:  Walk in the door, learn some cool stuff, get a great workout in an hour or less, and then head home. 

Quality:  Our classes include skill-building and technique, with options for advanced training and application.

Quantity:  We offer classes early mornings and every evening from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.  Train as many or as few classes as you want.