How to Throw a Punch

Head Coaches L.A. and Mike Jennings were interviewed by The Manual on how to throw a punch.

Most bar fights are won and finished in one punch
— Coach Mike Jennings

"Don’t go out looking for a fight. That being said, every man should be prepared to stick up for himself if a shady situation arises. You need to know how to throw a punch.

“Most bar fights are won and finished in one punch,” says Mike Jennings, who co-owns Train, Fight, Win of Denver, Colorado, with his badass wife, L.A. The couple are former submission wrestling, martial arts, JiuJitsu, and kickboxing athletes; today, they coach fighters and Average Joes alike on how to deliver a a clean, safe, effective punch. The Jennings shared a street-punch breakdown with The Manual so you will be ready and confident to go full Iron Fist when the need arises."

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LA Jennings