Prices and Options


You don’t like contracts. We don’t like contracts. Simply pay month-to-month and train. There are no charges other than your monthly tuition, paid via check, credit card, or debit card, right here in the gym or online!


We offer two types of memberships, Unlimited and Single Discipline Packages. All Memberships include access to Friday Night Open Mat and Saturday morning training.

Unlimited Classes:

$130/month - This includes all classes on our schedule, almost 35/week!


Package Classes:

$90/month - Group Conditioning 

$90/month - Kali/Eskrima Classes 

$90/month - Kickboxing 

$90/month - Grappling

$90/month - MMA Classes

$90/month - GEMMA Training

$90/month - Weightlifting

$90/month - Focus Mitt Classes

$80/month - Morning MMA Fitness Classes



$15 per Day

$1,500/Open Gym times

Nope, that's not a typo. As you can see, we don't like drop-ins during Open Gym times. Open Gym is for registered members of TFW only. This keeps out the riff raff and ne'er do wells that $15 just isn't enough to cover. Instead, consider taking a class.

One Week Free Trial

For current residents of the Denver Metro Area only, just show up and train to receive a free week (Free Week = one calendar week, not seven individual days). No need to call, schedule, or reserve a class. Simply show up 10 minutes before class starts, wear comfortable clothes and be ready to sweat!

Just in Denver for a few days or have friends visiting and want to train? Pay 15 bucks and take a specific class.  Didn’t bring your gear? We’ll loan you some.