Train Like a Fighter with Our 6 WEEK
Summer Fight Camp

Our six-week summer ‘Fight Camp’ is a comprehensive training program that includes Mixed Martial Arts training and a beginner weightlifting program. Designed for beginners and those interested in a focused intensive program, Fight Camp also provides a nutrition and lifestyle focus to help each participant reach their goals.

The program is capped at 15 participants, so secure your place today!


June 12 through July 21

MWF 6-7am – Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning

TTH 6-7am – Beginner Weightlifting Program

$250 for 6 weeks of training plus nutrition and lifestyle support

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MMA Conditioning

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday mornings

Each class includes MMA training, such as focus mitts for boxing, footwork drills, kick technique, and other foundational movements for fighting sports. The first half of the class focuses on MMA and the second half to conditioning, which includes plyometric training, such as battle ropes, body-weight plyometrics, kettlebells, jump ropes, weighted movements, and other unique, MMA-based exercises.



Tuesday and Thursday mornings

These sessions introduce participants to strength training through a classic weightlifting protocol. Each participant will learn form and technique in four powerlifting movements, then establish his or her ‘working max’ for the run of the bootcamp. Each week, the program will vary both the repetitions and the weight in order to build strength and improve flexibility with safe, streamlined programming.  


Nutrition and Group Support


Each week, participants will receive a guided nutrition ‘habit’ via email that they can implement in their daily life, as well as recipes and other lifestyle guides. Our fight camp also provides all participants with access to a private Facebook group network where members can share ideas and ask questions.