Summer Shred: June 17 - August 11

This 8-week program focuses on setting goals and committing to YOUR healthy lifestyle, whether that be to lose fat, gain muscle, or to get that first unassisted pull-up!

Summer Shred participants will define their version of success by setting a nutrition, training, and lifestyle goal, and will have a TFW Coach mentoring them throughout the program.

A new habit will be introduced each week that will challenge participants to focus on their lifestyle and generate new, healthy practices, and gym attendance will be tracked to create accountability.

This Program includes:

  • Individual Body Measurements before and after

  • Weekly nutritional, training and lifestyle challenges to focus on creating healthy habits

  • Mentorship with a TFW Coach based on goal setting

  • A fitness photoshoot at the end of the program to capture your training for posterity!

The program is capped at 15 participants, so secure your place today!


Goal Setting

Our fighters commit to making weight and competing at the end of camp, and this program will ask the same level of commitment. Each participant will make a personal nutrition, training, and lifestyle/mental health goal to focus on throughout the camp. A coach will be assigned to each participant to mentor them along the way and help them reach their goals.



Each participant will track their attendance at the gym on a public ‘leaderboard.’ Like the ‘sheets’ we require our fighters to fill out while in camp, the ‘leaderboard’ is designed to create accountability, not just with yourself, but with the TFW coaches and tribe. At the end of the camp, the person with the highest attendance rate will receive one Private Lesson with the TFW Coach of their choice!


Nutrition and Group Support

Each week, participants will receive a guided nutrition ‘habit’ via email that they can implement in their daily life, as well as recipes and other lifestyle guides. Our fight camp also provides all participants with access to a private Facebook group network where members can share ideas and ask questions.